An Ode to Me and My Unborn Children

Art book + a poster;
Edition of 100
86 pages

An Ode to Me and My Unborn Children
is an artbook, a durational artwork that is a collection of drawings, scans, photographs and poems, that were collected during a 6-month period. This book tells a narrative story which is presented as an open confession bringing up themes of paranoia, sexuality, and hedonism. This narrative wander between joy, egoism, fear and regret, following self-conviction and denial.

The book contains scans of original notes from the doctor’s office and medical laboratories, contraceptives package inserts, scanned pieces of clothing, flowers, acid-burnt hair - an allusion to the Crime of Passion, which is committed against a romantic partner and is caused by an impulse or due to jealousy.

Available to purchase at Six Chairs Books.